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Cycling Social


Owning a bike shop isn't an easy business, and we appreciate that sometimes there aren't enough hours in the day to find time for everything. My name is Robbie Ferri. I am a freelance content creator who helps local bike shops build their business by driving more customers towards them online and offline. 


I have been in the cycling industry for eight years, and not only have I worked in a bike shop, but I have worked closely with industry leaders such as Shimano and many other top brands on campaigns to promote products. I am a keen ultra cyclist who has broken world records and raced at a high level when it comes to self-supported and bikepacking races. I also can bike fit and have helped in bike design in the past. 


What am I here for?


When you have a customer walking around looking at bikes, they are your top priority as they’re there to buy, or they wouldn’t have gone out of their way to come in. What about all those customers who don’t know about you though, and you need to reach out to. A fantastic way of doing this is by creating content to let your customer know you're there and what you can offer. There are many different ways of doing this, such as;


  • Social Media Posts

  • Website Blog Posts

  • Personalised Content

  • Community ride meetup content

  • Youtube and Video Advertising


Who has the time to work on all this while they are in a busy local bike shop? After speaking to many shop owners and working in a shop myself for many years, I realised very few people actually do. It’s a huge opportunity that so many shops miss out on. This isn't about one time sales. It’s about creating a community around your shop for long term customers who are going to regularly spend and keep your business running all year round.


What do we offer?


At Cycling Social, we look after all that for you. It’s an entirely unique service that marketing companies would struggle to offer. We offer various packages to make sure you're still driving new customers to your store while giving the best service to your current customers. We have many different options depending on the level you wish to participate in.


Bronze Package



8 x Social Media Posts 

2 x Written Blog with Pictures

1 x Community Content Ride 

1 x Monthly Catch Up


Silver Package



12 x Social Media Posts + Management

3 x Written Blog with Pictures

2 x Videos for your shop

1 x Community Content Ride

1 x Monthly Catch Up


Gold Package



16 x Social Media Posts + Management

4 x Written Blogs with Pictures

4 x Videos for your shop

2 x Community Content Rides

2 x Monthly Catch Up


What happens after purchase?


If you decide to join us, we will organise a regular time each month where we can come in to create content and discuss the plan for the month and what content we plan to release. We will sort ride times and also discuss anything I might be able to help you with.


Limited availability 


This is just me personally, and I only have a certain amount of capacity. I believe that it’s vital the content is excellent and comes directly from me without any outsourcing. So I can only work with a limited number of shops at one time. If full, you will be added to a waiting list. If I have the capacity, we will start immediately.

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