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Best Tubeless Road Tyres for your bike

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

I’m a huge fan of Tubeless tyres, the advantages of using them are absolutely huge! Firstly they can be lighter than normal tyres with tubes, they can repair themselves and heal while you’re riding, and you can run them at much lower pressures without the risks of pinch flats. I know they’re not everyone’s cup of tea but I think they are amazing and highly recommend them to anyone. If you want to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of Tubeless check out my article here, The advantages and disadvantages of Tubeless

Before we start though there’s a few thing you need to run Tubeless so before you think about buying any tyres please make sure you’re able to run Tubeless tyres. They either require specialist rims or a kit to Kate it work. I have an article on that too check out this link Everything you need for Tubeless

The Best Tubeless Road Tyres

(Best Tyres Overall) Continental Grand Prix TL Tubeless Set

I am such a massive fan of these tyres. Not only are they really fast, they have great puncture protection and also they last for thousands of miles. You will see many Ultra Racers use these and also long distance racing cyclists. They are not the cheapest Tyres but they definitely worth every penny you will spend. They also come with Stan sealant as well ready for you to get them locked in!

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(Fastest) Schwalbe One Evo Pro Tubeless Tyres

I actually had a really good experience with these tyres in the duration I was using them. They are pretty highly rated by people and I can see why. They're super fast, honestly probably the fastest on this list with very little rolling resistance. They can hold off a puncture pretty well. I didn't get anything for thousands of miles and after that just one before I changed them. I can highly recommend these they are very tough tyres and I did find I was running low pressures to compensate for this.

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(Most Defensive) Michelin Power Tubeless Road Tyre Twin Pack

Michelin has come on the bike tyre scene in quite a big fashion the past few years. We all know the brand from car tyres but do they make good bicycle tyres? Yes is the short answer, They have great puncture protection and longevity. They are really grippy with a nice tough casing but probably not as quick as the other two above on our list but if you want a really decent road tyre that’s going to hold thousands of miles it’s this. If I really was worried about Punctures I’d use these.


Goodyear Eagle F1 Tubeless Road Tyres

Very similar to the Michelin tyres in the fact they have come from a background of car tyres. The Goodyear Eagle F1’s seem to be the choice of many riders and I can see that Goodyear are making a statement here. They are well protected at 120 TPI a little less than the Michelin but they say this tyre is more of an all rounder than a defensive tyre.

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Pirelli P-Zero Race SL TLR Road Tyre

A very spoke about tyre and the choice of many pros and cycling celebrities.The Pirelli P-Zeros is a Tubeless Fast Road tyre that you need to know about. They use an advanced compound for the rubber which they say offers great protection but also without taking away from the performance of the tyre. Suited to wet and dry conditions it can do a lot. They are highly rated but I have it on record that they can be quite challenging to fit on certain wheels.

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Pirelli Cinturato VELO TLR Road Tyre

I don't often mention two tyres form the same brand but I have to here.The Pirelli Conturato VELO TLR is the less racing version of the P-Zero. It is heavier yes, it is not as fast correct but it does have more protection and is much cheaper than the other tyres on this list. Coming in about 60% of the cost of some of the other tyres it does need to be spoken about. Well worth the money great protective tyres.

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All these tyres on this list are pretty good but they are all quite different. I personally as the editor would be riding on the Schwalbe Pro One Evos. This comes from really having such a great experience with them. Though they are tough tyres and I ride on smooth roads if I was on rough terrain I’d be on the Michelins. Though all are good value for money and well worth it.

Expert Tip

When it comes to Tubeless, don’t go cheap on the sealant. Good sealant lasts and will fix those punctures while your riding. Also carry a plug kit like the one below it will save you from the bigger holes that don’t seal.

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