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The Restrap Long Top Tube Bag Review

I’m fortunate to have been able to use some special bikepacking equipment over the years, and the market is ever-changing when it comes to cycling. Twenty years ago, things like electronic gearing and Sat Nav for bikes just weren’t a thing. We are in a very technological era when improvements moving forward will be much smaller in improvements than what we have been experiencing.

I didn’t think Bikepacking bags would go much further. If I’m honest, I thought they were pretty much nailed down. Then I got introduced to the Restrap Extra Long top tube bag. It surprised me at how amazing it was, and what makes it is some nifty little features.


The first thing to mention is it is straightforward to fit. It wraps around the spacers on the fork, the top tube via two separate straps. Three mounting points are ideal for a product like this, and the straps you use don’t damage the frame in any way.


I love the size of this. It’s enough to fit loads of food, my headphones case, and my extra-large apple phone. Why did I buy the max il never know? I also carry a GoPro for my vlogging. It’s big enough to fit a lot but doesn’t cause my knees to rub against it while riding as they have shortened the rear making it slot in much better. You can tell a lot of time has gone into the sizing, and it works well.


It’s unique when it comes to design. Firstly, the top Zip is fully integrated into the bag's top flap, meaning it waterproofs excellently and makes it easy to open. Access to any part of the bag is simple, and it’s super easy to open and close while riding. Also on the inside, along the sides of the bag, are little compartments that will fit a small wallet or some cash or cards. It’s the little details that make it work, and I rate what they have done here.


What can I say? It looks great. Simple, smooth, and sleek. I like the way it fits on my bike, and I get asked a lot about it, to be fair. I’m particular when it comes to bags, and this fits the bill for me.


I bought mine from Wiggle, and it wasn’t the cheapest at £60, but I believe that you get what you pay for, and this is precisely what I expect to pay for something with this level of quality.


100% rate it. I have been using it for six months, and I think this bag deserves a blog written about it.

Where can you buy it?

Click here

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