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The Best Cycling Headphones I’ve found

I have covered this in a Youtube video if you don’t want to read it!

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Before we start, let’s talk about cycling and headphones, I personally only ever use headphones when cycling when it is safe. If I’m on the turbo, I will have them both in. If I’m on a quiet road or local trails, I will only have one in, which goes for any outdoor riding. I feel it’s essential to be safe and always have an ear on the road and your eyes.

I recently came across some fantastic headphones, which I rate, and there are a few reasons why these are so good. I have used so many different types of headphones for years, and nothing clicked until I got these. When it comes to cycling and bikepacking as well, I found these did the trick.

The PRTUKYT Headphones

Yeah, the name isn’t going to win any awards. Let’s be fair. Though it is not about the name, it’s about the product. Now, why are these headphones so good? Here are all the reasons I massively rate them when it comes to cycling and even running.


Firstly they are entirely Wireless, and this, for me, really helps. I hate riding my bike around and having wires leading from my head to my bag or waist. They don’t even have a connecting cable between the buds, which is also a nice touch. When it comes to connecting them to the phone, it’s a simple Bluetooth link-up.

How they fit

What I like most about these headphones is how they fit. They are like your standard earbud but also have a light wrap-around piece above the top of the ear. When cycling, mainly off-road, you get rattled around a lot, but these really stick and stay on well. They also don’t feel out of place. They just fit on, and I forget they are there.

Battery Life

The battery life is fantastic on these, and they charge in the case too. When out and being used, I get about 5 hours use before they need a 1.5h charge. I usually get six charges out of the case itself, so you have 30 hours of playtime. The buds can be used individually, basically doubling the playtime to 60 hours which is unbelievable

Independent use

What I love about these headphones the most is the fact you can use them individually. It has an off button, a plus, and a minus button. So each bud is set up the same. This means that you can completely control all your music and volume from each ear independently, so for cycling or sports where you have a single bud in, they are perfect.


The headphones are IP6X, so they will take a lot of water before they take any damage. I am not afraid of a bit of rain when I’m riding, and it’s nice to know that the equipment I’m using isn’t either.

Sound Quality

They are not Bose, let’s be straight, but the sound quality is outstanding on these, and they can go pretty loud. When trying to get some motivation or on a phone call, it’s nice to know you can hear what you need to.


They are cheap, and we’re talking like less than $50 affordable, and for what you’re getting, that’s impressive in my books. I have had more expensive, and they have been crap. I have had more expensive, and they haven’t been anywhere near close to the quality and haven’t contained half the features these do.

Overall I highly rate these Headphones, and after five months of using them, most days are still perfect.

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