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Robbie Recommends Winter Gloves you need in your life!

Well, let’s be fair, it’s that time of year when it starts getting cold, and we start needing to layer up a bit. I tend not to struggle too much in the cold apart from my hands. For some reason, I get freezing hands. In this article, I want to talk about some gloves available on the market that will help you keep those fingers warm this winter before we start though I want to run through the different types of gloves and what you can expect from using them and give you some examples.


I struggle with cold hands, but many people use fingerless gloves in winter. They are exactly what you expect from the name. They are gloves with no fingers. Do I recommend them for winter? I wouldn’t, but they do have a purpose in winter. I keep a set of fingerless gloves with me if my main gloves get a bit too warm.


These are epic and only come in under £9, which in my opinion, is cheap. The padding is good, and as a set to back up your big winter gloves, they are fantastic.




These gloves are excellent, but I’m not entirely sure they fit in this category. They are pretty warm, and they are missing two fingers which help you use your phone when you need to.



Single Layer

Single-layer gloves are thin gloves that will take the wind off your hands and remove some of the chills. I wear these gloves a lot. I feel like I have a lot of movements, and they don’t feel too constricting when I’m using my Garmin or changing gears.

DHB Lightweight Cycling Gloves

DHB comes up a couple of times on this list because they are just outstanding. They are £25, but I can completely appreciate that you get what you pay for with these.




The LERWAY gloves I have been using for a while. They are suitable for taking the chill out of a cold day but not too much that you can’t use them for grip on a summer’s day riding. I assumed they would be a bit awful because of the price, but they work well.



The GRIPGRAP Shark Gloves

These gloves are next-level stuff. They are warm, they are grippy, and the fit for me personally really works. Another thing to mention is the padding points are perfect for road bike shifters! They are pretty expensive single-layer gloves, but you won’t be buying a set for years to come.




Neoprene gloves are excellent in the right circumstances. I used to use them all the time, and they have saved my hands from a ton of chilly days. They are excellent in the fact they work like a wetsuit. However, they can keep your hands very warm and thin, just like a wet suit they need warming up. The warmer you get, the better they will work. On a wet, cold day, they are pretty hard to warm up.

The PAWHIT Neoprene Gloves 3mm

They are outstanding value for money and tick all the boxes in a good set of gloves. They keep the wind off, they keep your hands warm, and they also offer excellent mobility! I rate them for only £14



The Castelli Diluvio C Gloves

Castelli makes some epic clothing, but recently they have stepped up their game. These Gloves are something special, and I have been lucky enough to try a set and know they really will take the edge off a cold morning.



Two Bare Feet 5mm Neo Gloves

The Two Bare Feet neoprene gloves are exceptional. They are much thicker than many other gloves. They are very comfortable and have a gripped side as well. They might not offer as much mobility, but they will get warm and stay warm for those colder days.



Santini Neo Blast Neoprene Gloves

The Santini Gloves are the first set of Neoprene Cycling Gloves I ever owned, and I still have these to this day. I would highly recommend them and can vouch they do a great job. Santini’s sizing can be slightly smaller than expected, so maybe consider the size up from normal UK Sizing.



Double Layer

In my opinion, these gloves are what you want when it comes to temperatures that get below 5 degrees. They take the edge off, and they keep your hands warm. They can be a bit restricting, but warm hands are happy hands. They usually come waterproof and are pretty big. They naturally form double insulation, which holds heat and provides extra waterproofing. These are the warmest type of non-electric gloves on the market.

Elite Cycling Project Malmo Winter Gloves

These Gloves come in two colours, black and high viz. They are warm, straightforward to take on and off and come in at an excellent price point of only £25 a set. They are pretty waterproof, but if you are out all day in the rain extra, your hands will eventually get a little wet. Good product.



The Sportful Giara winter cycling Gloves

These gloves have a tremendous amount of attention to detail and are very sort after. Firstly the waterproofing is incredible. The mobility in them is excellent, and also they have a remarkable ability when keeping your hands warm. One thing I rate is the extra padding on the lower part of your wrist. Nice touch. They are not the cheapest, but they are probably the best gloves on this list.



The Castelli Estremo Winter Cycling Gloves

When it comes to winter gloves and conditions down to -5, these Castelli gloves are what you need. Firstly they look fantastic, and I massively think the styling is on point. They are a memory membrane, so when it comes to mobility, you will be OK with these. They come with Goretex Technology, and DWR water repellent technology, meaning cold, wet hands in winter are no longer a thing. They are not cheap, but you get what you pay for here.



Heated gloves

Yeah, you heard me suitable heated gloves, electric heated they exist. They are excellent too. I highly recommend them until they run out of battery. They are good, but they are heavier and do need charging.

The Day Wolf Heated Cycling Gloves

These gloves are pretty cool. They come with a 2200mah battery and, depending on which of the three settings you pick, can keep your hands warm for 2.5 to 6 hours. They are very good, and I would highly recommend them. They were expensive and came in at £120 but quite the piece of equipment. I added these to the list, but personally, if you can go without adding more things to charge, it will help you as when these run out, your hands will get cold again, and if you’re not near home, they are not the warmest gloves when not on power.




All these gloves are going to be good at keeping your hands warm. The key is to make sure you get suitable gloves for the situation that you’re going into. Try not to dress up too much or too little.

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