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First Time Riding the Yoeleo R12

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

This morning I was up super early at 5am, which isn’t rare for a weekend. I was super excited to get out on the bike as the weather was awesome, and the Yoeleo R12 had been sitting there for days, just waiting to be ridden. After a few adjustments to get my fit right, I grabbed a rucksack and was ready to go. I typically don’t ride with backpacks, but I didn’t want to put a frame bag on this bike and had loads to carry, like my camera and a stand.

The first few miles I released, I had completely got the seat height wrong and quickly stopped to change it, then a couple of miles later the reach too, haha. Anyway, I got it sorted and started to get used to riding the bike. The first few miles after warming up, I was actually very impressed. It was really fast. The power transfer felt excellent, and it just seemed to want to go. I did about an hour before stopping for a coffee And a few pictures of the beast.

I was actually quite taken at this point with the Yoeleo. They are sponsoring me, and I will be creating content of their bikes. I knew it would be good, but honestly, I didn’t realise it would be as impressive as this. I have ridden many incredible carbon fiber bikes, and this just felt like something really special. Another hour and I couldn’t seem to drag myself away from it but had to get home as I didn’t have any food or water.

I‘m going to give the bike a week or two of riding before I fully review it, and I really want to understand all I need to know about it before I start promoting it to you. First impressions riding it I’m really liking it and can’t wait for some long days out on it and to see how I feel using it more regularly. I would have loved to go home and pop back out later, but I had an urgent order come in for some writing, so I needed to get that done and wanted to spend some time with my partner Bryony and, of course, have a BBQ!

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