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First Look Yoeleo Carbon Pro Wheelset

In the cycling world, it can be very challenging to find the right equipment for you. The market is consistently changing, and we see so much new technology. New materials are being used, different sizing, and everyone seems to have a different opinion on what to get. There's a lot to think about when it comes to carbon fiber wheels, from braking to internal width, hub quality, and even spoke quality.

Recently I found out about the Yoeleo carbon wheels and started doing my research. I went into the depths of the internet, and after watching a lot of YouTube videos and reading many articles, I realized these are actually quite a big deal. Yoeleo carbon wheels are very highly rated, and in this article, we’re going to be telling you all about them.

Who is Yoeleo?

Yoeleo has an incredible back story and a huge amount of experience when it comes to high-quality components. It was started in 2007 by a group of friends who all had a huge passion for cycling. They started by creating OEM carbon fiber quality components for other brands and then, after five years, in 2011, started to design their own range in Yoeleo.

The brand aims to offer an incredible product, great customer service, and all at a much low cost than other brands. They currently sponsor UCI Continental Canadian team 4Mind Project which raced in multiple prestigious road races around the world, and Italian team CYKELN, which is a fixed gear team racing in events like the Red Hook Crit. They are growing rapidly, and everyone wants a piece of what they are making. They are less than half the price of other brands and perform better.

What are the new 2022 PRO Wheels?

The new wheels Yoeleo has just released are the Pro 2022 wheels, which are incredible. In this next section, we want to tell you everything you need to know about them. Let’s start with the basics;


The first thing is the design. They haven’t done anything wild when it comes to the look. They have a beautiful Matt carbon finish and have been branded lightly to keep them looking stealthy. You do have the option to fully opt out of any branding if you want to just have them completely plain. They are design for optimum aerodynamics in mind and not shy of a wind tunnel.


The wheels are made for the roads come in a 700c as far as diameter goes. This is a standard size for road bikes and is aerodynamic and efficient. The internal width are 17 and 19mm for 25mm and 27mm external width respectively, which is perfect for tires that come in around 25c or 28c, then can accept wider tires up to a 32c if required. It is also the way the industry is leaning because it not seats the tire better but has huge benefits when creating a contact patch on the floor.

What Depth?

The Pro wheels come in multiple different depths. You have many to choose from, such as;

  • 38mm

  • 50mm

  • 60mm

  • 88mm

So you have all the sizes you need to either climb mountains fast or get the best aerodynamic advantage possible.

Hubs and Spokes

The wheels have Yoeleos hubs, and these are incredible. They are smooth, strong, and spin straight and smoothly with minimal effort. Unlike many wheels on the market, these are straight-pull spokes, which means you are getting a much more durable wheel. The Hubs are an intelligent design which give you quick engagement when riding and maintenance is very easy due to the in hub threaded ratchet star.

As far as spokes go, Yoeleo actually uses pillar wing 20 spokes which well known for its aero and strength. the performance of this spokes are comparable to another famous brand in similar spec, also they look absolutely incredible. for the replacement if something unfortunate happened to you they include spares if you ever need any replacements.

Disc Brake or Rim Brake?

The cycling industry is leaning towards most things being disc brakes now as they are more powerful and work better in all conditions. Yoeleo carbon wheels can either be rim or disc brake as their range offers both types. The brake track on the rim brake models is incredible strong and wont wear out easy.

Tubular or Clincher?

The Pro wheels both come in Tubular and also Clincher. You have the option of either. They are not compatible to do both, so ensure that you get the one you need in the selection.


Modern wheels really have to be Tubeless now, and Yoeleo has done exactly this. When you get Yoeleo carbon wheels, you can use tubes, or you have the option to set them up tubeless to minimize those punctures and also run much lower pressures. No rim tape is required on these wheels either saving weight and also hassle.


The Yoeleo carbon wheels are incredibly light compared to other brands on the market. The smallest profile of 38mm wheels comes in around 1443g for the pair without tires, and the larger 88mm comes in at 1863g. These are very light wheels and give big expensive brands a run for their money.

What's the Warranty?

You can always tell the quality of a set of wheels by the warranty they offer. I believe a long warranty shows the belief the product will last and be excellent. Yoeleo offers one of the best warranties that I have seen for wheels. The standard warranty is a full three years, and you can even add another 2 to this for only $300. On top of that, they also have their crash replacement program, to give their customers safe in mind.

How much are they?

Then we have the price. This is probably one of the most appealing features of these wheels. They are not just a little cheaper than similar products on the market. You are typically paying half the amount, which in our eyes is just incredible.


Another thing I was very impressed about was the fact you don’t just get the wheels. When your wheels arrive, you actually get skewers, brake pads for rim versions, extra spokes, and even valve extenders for your tubes. For me, that goes a long way to improve the experience and very few carbon wheelsets do this.

What do I think?

In my time in the cycling industry, I have seen and used a lot of different wheels. It was quite surprising to look into the Yoeleo’s because they just offer so much more than other brands at a much lower price. As far as the Pro clincher tubeless wheels go for myself they tick a huge amount of boxes.

The first thing to mention is as far as technology goes, they are well up there and ticking all the boxes as far as I’m concerned. The wheels have a modern internal rim width, and they are made of incredible carbon. Also, the hubs are a straight pull with carbon spokes. They will perform, and they are going to be up there with the big brands and top-end wheels as far as specification goes.

We are incredibly impressed, and we understand that they are making a product from the source and cutting out all the advertising and people in the middle hence they can keep the price lower. I feel this is such an exciting movement as so many people want carbon fiber wheels, but bigger brands put them at the price point, making it difficult. I’m very excited to see where Yoeleo goes and am very impressed with first impressions.


Are the Yoeleo wheels UCI approved?

They sure are. They meet all the technical requirements the UCI enforces.

Are Yoeleo carbon wheels fast?

The stats don’t lie. They are going to be incredibly fast.

Is a smaller depth wheel better for climbing?

When it comes to climbing, the key is to have a very lightweight wheel. Although an aerodynamic profile will help, in only really comes into play at 20mph+.

Are carbon bike and wheels better than alloy?

They are lighter, stiffer, and stronger and when you racing or want to go fast that helps a lot. The carbon bicycle experience does feel very different to an alloy one.

Are the Yoeleo carbon wheelsets good value for money?

They are excellent build wheels and very few road wheelsets at this price don’t come anywhere near the excellent quality. It’s a simple call to make when coming to buy a set.

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