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First look at Yoeleo Bikes and the Carbon R12 Aero Bike

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

Hey everyone, I hope you're all good? So I said I had some exciting news. I am super happy to announce that I will be in partnership with Yoeleo Bikes. You might not have heard of them just yet, but they are becoming a big deal, and I'm lucky enough to be someone who is going to be involved with them as they grow. In this article, I will be speaking about the first impressions of the Yoeleo R12 bike that turned up on my door and tell you a little bit about them as a company in general.

Who is Yoeleo?

Yoeleo is a group of guys who all work within the bike producing factories of the big brands who came together to make their own bicycle brand. They have a huge amount of experience and have been manufacturing for other brands for years before taking the plunge to create a brand themselves. So they know exactly what they are talking about and make an incredible product with a very high-quality standard.


Before we go a bit deeper into the bike, I have to say this is much cheaper than you might think. When you start looking at a full carbon bike with carbon wheelsets, typically, you are looking at a minimum of $8000. This is coming in at $4300 is an incredible bargain, knowing it is brand new and will give similar performance.

The Unboxing

The bike itself, on first look, I was pretty blown away with the Chameleon paint job with bends with the light to just create a huge amount of colors depending on the light reflecting off it. To build it didn't take long, and although it looks like it might be quite complicated, it was really easy just to slot together, ready to ride. It's incredibly light, coming in at 8.35kg without pedals, and this is an XL frame.

The Frame and Forks

The frame has a racing geometry which generally isn't something I am used to, but it's designed to put you in an aerodynamic position which it will do, and it will make you faster. I couldn't believe how stiff and strong it all felt, and before even riding it, I could see they had put a lot of time into the design and making everything slot together well. The paint job is incredible, but if it's not for you, it comes in many different colors to suit your needs.

One thing that really impressed me is how clean the bike looks. Although this may be a mechanical model, everything is super flash together, and all the cables are completely hidden, which just makes it stand out so much. I haven't ridden it yet, but I think this bike will be very fast, and I'm excited for hopefully some new PBs.

The Wheels

As standard, this bike comes with carbon fiber wheels. At this price, it is at this is incredible as the price is so low. They are 50mm deep and silky smooth when running them on the stand. They use a straight-pull system, and even the spokes are made of carbon fiber which is next-level stuff, and very few brands do this. The set of wheels weigh about 1400g which is very light for something so aerodynamic, and they look super stealth with a matt black paint job.

The technology on these wheels is very good too. We're not looking at old school sizing. We are currently looking at a wider internal rim width of 25mm, which is excellent with tires getting larger and larger. When you order the bike, it comes with spare spokes in case you have any issues, but after finding out how rigorously they are pushed, it would surprise me if you ever need to use them.

The Groupset

If you are looking for the best value for money groupset on the market, the Ultegra disc is the way to go, and that's exactly what Yoeleo has done here. It's lightweight, simple, easy to maintain, and looks excellent with the shadow rear derailleur. They make these bikes with Di2 if you want to go electronic, and if you want to save a few hundred grams, you could even upgrade to Dura-Ace.

Finishing Kit

When we talk about the finishing kit, we talk about the seat post stem and handlebars. The first thing to mention is it's all carbon. I love the seat post on this bike. It's a simple aerodynamic and very easy to adjust. The handlebars and stem are fully integrated, and when you order the bike, you pick stem length and the handlebar width, depending on your settings. This adds to the bike's clean look and makes it very unique to just you as a rider. Having this integrated cockpit really does add to the riding experience and does make it feel even faster than it is. You also have mounts for Garmin and other devices that can bolt to the bottom, and I thought this was a nice touch.

A Final Thought

The Yoeleo R12 is a very cool road bike, and on first impression, it looks very well designed. A lot of thought has gone into making it a performance machine, but they have also kept it really simple for the average cyclist. Yoeleo is slowly breaking into the market, and I believe you will be seeing a lot of Yoeleo Products while racing and while on club runs over the next few years.

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