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Everything you need to set up Tubeless on your bike!

Tubeless has incredible benefits to help you when you're cycling. It could be the fact the punctures can fix themselves, it could be the lower PSI you can run, or maybe it's the fact you just like having your wheels a bit lighter by not having tubes in. Whatever your reasons for wanting to be on Tubeless, the tricky bit is getting it all set up for the first time. There are many bits you need to make it all work, so here's your checklist and the links to go and buy them.

If you want to Skip the Checklist and just looking at ordering the parts you will need the kit, pump linked here, and a set of tubeless tyres! If you unsure of what you need carry on reading!

Full Tubeless Conversion Kit

Tubeless Pump Amazon

Tubeless-ready wheels or are they?

Ok, so wheels are a touchy subject. If your wheels are tubeless-ready, then great, you're good to go, you can just put the tyres on, and you're ready. Though you have to be careful, companies have a habit of calling their wheel tubeless-ready even though you will need to put the tubeless tape in. If you can see the spoke holes or the rim tape is very loose, then more than likely, you're going to need to get some rim tape on.

Tubeless Wheels On Wiggle Click Here

Rim Tape

I currently am using the Dura-Ace wheels, and they do not require rim tape. In this guide, I will assume you need the rim tape, so let's start here at Rim tape. There are many different types of rim tape, and you need to make sure you get the right size for your wheels. Check what the internal Diameter of your wheel is, then go 1mm-2mm bigger. If you can't find tape big enough, then you can go side by side overlapping, but I'd recommend searching for the right stuff.

Tubeless Tape on Amazon

Tubeless Valves

So you have your rim tape on now. You need to get a Tubeless Valve in the system. These are special valves that work on a tubeless system but look like a tube valve from the outside. When you order these, make sure you are getting the right length if you have aero wheels, I have made this mistake too many times.

Tubeless Valves on Amazon

Tubeless Tyres

The tyres MUST be tubeless, I have heard of people using non-tubeless tyres, and I wouldn't recommend this at all. Tubeless tyres are made correctly, so they sit on the rim with the sealant properly, and bikes go fast, so we don't take risks. These are my Tubeless Tyres. If you're ever unsure if they are Tubeless or not, always check online before trying to set it up. These are my Vittoria Peycotes, the TNT Version, which is a Tubeless-Ready tyre.

Tubeless Tyres on Wiggle

A Tubeless Pump

Tubeless can be set up without one of these, but depending on your wheels and tyres, it can be a painful experience not having one. A tubeless pump has a separate chamber where you can send in a heavy boost of air, helping the tyre seal on the rim easier and come off the bead. You can buy chamber kits for normal pumps but by the time you have got a decent pump and a chamber kit you could have just bought an integrated chamber pump.

Tubeless Pump Amazon


Now you have your tyres on, and you will need some sealant. I haven't used many sealant brands personally, but I can recommend a couple that I have found good and are definitely worth the money. Much Off and Continental Revo is my go-to sealant at the minute, and I can't see myself coming away anytime soon. The sealant is what locks the tyre airtight and heals those punctures for you.

Sealant on Amazon

A Tubeless Repair Kit

This isn't needed to set up your bike, but it helps if you get a puncture that is huge and doesn't want to be fixed with your assistance. I highly recommend these small kits, they are straightforward to use, and they work. Some high-end repair kits on the market can open up like a flower on the inside of the tyre, but I have never had much success with them.

Tubeless Repair Kit Amazon

If you just want to buy the full kit with everything in you can here. Remember you need the tyres too!

Full Tubeless Conversion Kit

This should be everything you need to go Tubeless Id recommend watching a Youtube video such as the GCN Channel and get them on!

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