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Am I really going to do that again?

So life has been crazy, and if I’m brutally honest, the blog for me has just been my last thought. I’m back though. After my wedding and my honeymoon, I returned to real life last week. I must admit when I came back, I did feel a bit lost. With so much stuff happening in the run up to the wedding and the honeymoon, I just didn’t think about what would happen after.

The last week I feel it’s going to be healthy for me to have a goal to focus on and try and get some more ultra-cycling in. I realised the Lap of Anglia starts in a couple of weeks and had the idea to go back again.

Typically this ride is done over four days, but myself and Paul did it in one single hit. We completed it, and I don’t think we realised how hard the challenge would be. We got to the end. It took us like 32 hours, and we faced a huge amount of challenges, especially with resupply at night on the route.

They have made some changes for this year. Instead of starting a few miles from my house, it now starts in Norwich. This will really help resupply, and it also means the Hiller sections can be done earlier in the ride. This year Paul is doing LEL. There's a strong possibility he won't be recovered from it, so as a personal challenge, it is going to be tough not to have the legend with me.

I have been thinking a lot about my hip, and I’m still waiting to hear back from a specialist. Cycling doesn’t seem to affect it, so I’m going to try, and if I have any issues il be close enough to home to call a loved one for some help. I will get some more videos up about it soon.

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