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Gory Ostrich... you're probably wondering what that means, unfortunately you will only find out by joining the team. It's a very unique opportunity to be part of something really special.

Endurance cycling, we all want to ride faster further and be stronger, that's something I can offer with my skill set. Not only am I a very experience cyclist but I have spent my time in books and the gym understanding the key to improvements.


I want to offer a very unique training program to 8 people, it does not matter your experience I don't care if you only started cycling last week or you're a semi pro racer. It's not about where you start it's about where you go, the only things I ask is you're ready to work hard, have a huge passion for cycling and a minimum of 6 hours per week to train. 

The program will last for 12 weeks and will completely change your attitude to how you train for your endurance cycling. 



What to expect in the Program

Bike fit

All Candidates if they require will receive a bikefit from myself to make sure you are in the perfect position

    12 Personal Training Sessions

These will show you how to lift correctly and adequately to improve your strength, posture and mobility. These will be done at my home studio or via zoom if it's to far to travel.

   A Cycling training plan

This will make sure you are riding with structure and making sure you are training not only hard but smart.

 A nutrition guide

What's the point in doing all the work and not
fuelling and recovering properly, with my advice I can make sure you're getting the right food in.

       Access to the Group Training Rides

Why train alone when you can train together? Meet new friends and share your stories with the rest of the team. (Covid Restrictions will mean some things might need to be adapted)

                        My Support

Questions on Equipment, mental support for long rides. I'm here to help you grow and support you.

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